Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our Own Serenity

The following came through on a daily feed from somewhere:

"Serenity does not expect or demand love from others but thinks of new ways to offer love even
 to those who seem unloving.

It opens as we let go of trying to become something and begin to savour being someone.

Serenity is the courage to let go, to open up, to be"

Often we are caught up trying to be something for someone or being something else for ourselves.

This can dictate who and how we associate with different people yet these biases will ultimately hold back our own serenity in who we are.

One of my favourite sayings to correct the untruth that creeps in is to say:

"All Souls are Equal" (a nice little plug for our church as well) it brings the ego back and with it the serenity of being exactly who we are and just as God made us.

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