Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Christians Need a Certainty

Our Tuesday night group this week prayed against what is becoming a common Atheist/Agnostic mantra for Christians being people that need to have certainty in their lives.
Anna Krien (author/journalist) highlighted their point once more which most of us tuned into on Mondays ABC’s Q&A programme (10/9/2012) in defining  her own status of disbelief.

The main thrust of the (at times) quite aggressive Atheist/Agnostic mantra (not Anna’s - she was quite eloquent) is that Christians need the questions of where they are going, where they came from and why they are here all answered, they are needing labels whilst others just don’t need them.

It can also be argued that Evolution and a belief in Nature or a Something are also need based labels along with Values Based Living and Religion/s themselves as more ‘needy labels’.
A default outcome of the mantra is it insinuates an inferiority for Christians as being needy.

However being Christian has nothing to do with needing certainties as Christianity (Christ) is the re-connection with God through a belief in what Jesus Christ did for us whilst on earth.

The outcome of the re-connection with God is Peace.
One will never fully be at peace (some get very good at synthetic peace’s but they aren’t the real deal) as there will always be a niggle, a lingering doubt or a question in the mind about God’s existence simply because he is there.
Certainty is just one by-product (gift) of the Christian/Re-connection with God not a need.


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