Thursday, November 1, 2012

God’s love is Constant.

God’s Love

Had been searching and praying for a word that can sum up God’s love and the word that came along is the word “constant”…

God’s love for us is total where He can only act of love towards his creation humankind.

Whilst there are points where God’s love is not focused on those who have turned away from Him (and one day He will ask all his free-willed creations to give account of their lives - for some that keep rejecting his loving advances that day isn’t going to end well) his love whether re-connected with Him or not is still a constant to all and at all times.

It is hard to accept (for example) that a murdering criminal dictator about to be hung for crimes against humanity has open to them the same level of constant love from God that a devout sacrificial lifelong missionary follower of Christ has available. Yet till the day of reckoning they both share the same constant love from God.

God is love and can only act out of love – keep reminding yourself of this little saying and you start to see things around you in a different light where a deeper understanding of God begins to emerge.

God’s love is constant.


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